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We offer Water Jet Cutting: up to several inches thick on our “state of the art” Flow Mach 2 water Jet cutter

Click the link to visit site: www.fluidprofiling.co.uk



Other Services  - Tube Bending, Polishing and Sheet Metal work

As well as using our facilities for our own production we are now able to provide tube manipulation, polishing and sheet metal work as services to other companies.

Our semi-automatic tube manipulator (bender) allows us to produce bends of very high quality with minimal necking and wastage. Radii can be tighter and the accuracy, production rate and repeatability are improved enormously. This is of most help when producing batches of parts, but single items are still produced more economically.

We can take a drawing, sketch or design and produce highly accurate and repeatable batches of tubular parts and assemblies. One-off parts are produced just as easily. We can measure your product directly if required.

Inputting the manufacturing information onto a 3D CAD system provides all the data to allow the bender to produce the parts, and the data is saved allowing future batches to be produced to the same accuracy.

Bender with a batch of pushpits

View of mandrel

CAD system input screen




This being a mandrel bender it avoids the necking inherent with other bending systems. The photograph
of a bend in 1.5" (38mm) 1/16" (1.6mm) wall 316 stainless shows the lack of necking in the bend






Collage1Our dedicated polishing shop allows us to produce the highest quality polished finish in-house. Our own products are all polished here and we can provide the same service for your polished components.

Being in house we are able to apply the best quality control and turn-round on batch production as well as small quantities.

This powerboat arch gives an idea of the size of fabrication we are used to dealing with. One picture shows it fitted, together with seat frames awaiting cushions. The other picture shows the Powerboat Arch ready for delivery.





On the left is shown a cleat, on the right are shown the basic laser-cut top, with the polished item ready for assembly.

Once the cleat is assembled it is polished to the high quality finish shown on the left.





Stemhead after fabrication

Stemhead after final polishing


Above is shown a Stemhead. After manufacturing the parts they are polished to a high finish whilst the surfaces are easy to access. Then the parts are assembled in to the fabrication on the left. Finally the welds are dressed and polished to the exceptional finish shown in the right hand picture.

Below left is shown the polisher at work polishing the parts for the Stemhead shown prior to fabrication. To the right is a batch of Pushpits awaiting despatch after bending, fabrication and polishing.




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